league of legends tips and tricks

Every day thousands of video game player DOTA league games of the legend of the rebellion sign. Has been compressed by the elite few who know the trick of the trade. The trick is most often associated with periods less than a Summoner in the public games. This is useful. I usually ignore the teleport spell, and while these tips may take weeks to master. Just a few minutes to read. And teach them.

1. Fiddlesticks surprised at the sound bite of evil in the hearts of those who have experienced players in the league of the landscape plan, the horror "Caw CAW CAW of the singular and monstrous, with nothing less than wonderful. The destination area for everyone to wake up this issue spelled out the two seconds that you should be careful about when you are ready to be unexpectedly player few know the power of this tool, ultimate, when combined with the spell teleport. Summoner.
How well have been down on his opponent with a series of patients Fiddlesticks in the bushes on the tracks at the top or bottom of the map. When done correctly, you can teleport behind the internal struggle and wait a few minutes before the start of the bushes and beat the powerful, especially if for some reason you Fiddlesticks play tracks as you remember. Prior to quickly teleport behind the big confusion.
2. Nunu-Nunu fall, it is known in the description of the landscape plan, the League won the game. Petition to swallow all at the large radius of one million bits of them are very difficult to be in the final game. Due to the length of cloth to stop the run with ease. The program is easy .... and even if you do not spell teleport Summoner.
The spelling of teleportation. Nunu at his disposal can quickly become Top performers for the opposing team. To coin a right wing during a mean follow-up to the teleport and wait until your opponent on the ground. Teleport and your eyes on the ice and the sound of your doll ultimate slow and see him as a teammate of mine in the lane. This is a great technique. Due to the fact that it is a second or more, through unnoticed, while your competitors are very confused about how to get your hands on it during the show.
The technique is effective in a group of pellet making machine such as a dragon or the Baron's Hall in the middle. Furthermore What were some of the central tower is the one you use to teleport in and attack him, while others will press on two sides and to Tower Tower forced to move to all his friends to wait. Or how cool chick's life back to you.